Decorative children's toys

Yes there is such a thing as decorative children's toys!

In fact, there are some children's toys that actually make me salivate with longing! They look so cute, they're decorative.

Like these. And I can totally see me and the hubster racing each other around the house. We are quite competitive that way! Although we usually compete over who's the most tired, it may be interesting to see who is the happiest and fastest Hopper! And when we're not racing, it will make a great center piece on the window sill.

When I first became a mom, like so many new moms I had visions of my children playing solely with plain wooden toys. Without a paint job. But that's not what children like, unfortunately. They like their toys with lots of bright colours and preferably with lots of screeching noises. At least this hopper doesn't screech. I found it at Baby & Co.

I think it makes for a great pet too. It doesn't need any extra care, just a breath of fresh air now and again.

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