momfeverWhen I first became a mom I loved my little girl, but I also felt quite lost, thinking:

'Now what?!'

Then my husband explained: 'Now you have to raise her, so she becomes a well rounded, and well adjusted grown-up.'

So I set to work, and 28 years later, the first results look promising. As do her three younger brothers and sister.

But it's not always easy, and I've found blogging to be a great way to retain my sanity in the day to day business of running a family.

In fact, I feel it's my other job!

So, what does Momfever offer you?

  • Great, witty posts, that won't tax your attention span
  • Product reviews, because I love to try new things
  • Cartoons, I made up myself
  • Tales of marriage that will make you sigh with relief: 'You're not the only one whose husband isn't gazing into your eyes all the time'
  • A look into the day to day life of a mom with five children! Lucky you!