Low maintenance woman!

I’m very low maintenance, you know!’ I like to tell my husband. ‘I don’t desire expensive holidays or expensive clothes. Just give me a Big Mac or two, or three, or maybe four, and I’m a happy woman.’
And to make sure he gets my drift, I add: ‘You are one lucky guy, having me as your wife!’

Then my husbands gets a bit nervous, and looks like he’s got a bad tooth ache.
‘All I ask is a nice compliment that I’m really cheap!’ I whine.

But that costs my husband too much to say.

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  1. Same here…I'd take food over jewelry and clothes any day! If I were to choose between a diamond ring and a brownie fudge sundae, I'd choose the sundae! Then again, if I chose the ring I could pawn it then I could get me 100 sundaes!!!

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