Honey, you look like dr. Dreamy!

When a man works as a medical assistant in a healthcare facility, or as an assistant in a pediatrician's office,  he can rely on a pair of scrubs!

But what about daddies?!

What are they supposed to wear when they're at home?
Men who work as a medical assistant in a hospital may be responsible for moving patients to various departments. This requires them to help patients into wheelchairs or onto gurneys. Comfortable work attire allows them to freely move their arms and legs in order to assist patients safely.
But daddies may have to crawl on the floor on all fours to play with their kids. And they have to feed their toddler, risking what may have been a very spiffy business suit. They are also responsible for moving their kid(s) from their high chair to their car seat. And how about shooting hoops, or throwing a ball. All activities that require comfortable clothing so they can move about easily!
Moms have been known to walk around in ragged jogging pants all day. I propose that dads wear scrubs.

And with any luck, they'll look like Dr. Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy!

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