Nerd glasses from Proopticals

I've had big frames, and I've had small frames.

But lately I've come to think: if you have to wear glasses, you might as well flaunt them. So I'm totally in love with nerd glasses. They seem to say: 'Yeah, I'm wearing glasses! And don't I look intelligent!'

So when I got the chance to get a pair for free from Proopticals, I was all over it, like a bad rash. They arrived yesterday, and boy do I look like an intellectual! The frame feels very sturdy, and came in a nice little box. When I put them on I could feel my I.Q. taking a giant leap.

To complete my new, intellectual demeanor, I added lots of pencils to my hair, a very difficult book ánd a pensive look in my eyes.

NIf only the glasses in the frame, fit my prescription! I fear I will have to wear my contacts underneath these sturdy frames...

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