Men in sandals

There's this whole genre of movies with men in sandals!

And they even manage to look hot in them.
Don't believe me?

Look, here's some proof:

Kit Harington in Pompeii

How do you like thém sandals?!

My husband wears man sandals

Now, I have a husband who wears sandals.

But he doesn't look like Kit Harington. It may be because he wears socks in hís sandals. And they're Birkenstocks. And he wears plastic bags over them during Winter....

So obviously sandals for men can be a tricky business. I mean, do we really want to see their hairy toes sticking out? Or their milky white feet on display?

Could it be that sandals are a case of 'don't try this at home'? Unless you're Kit Harington?

Mandals: don't try this at home?

The next bit contains some sponsored links.

I decided to head on over to and check out their man sandals. Or, as they're also sometimes called mandals!

No socks allowed!

The one thing that struck me immediately: their sandals don't allow socks! Because they're like thongs, only more luxurious. So you don't have to worry about your husband wearing socks in his sandals! Unless he finds himself a pair of those odd socks with toes. Luckily Reef doesn't sell those kind of socks. I checked!

Classic or sporty?

The other thing I like about the Reef mens sandals is that they're available in different styles. You can go for a more classic, brown leather look. Or you can choose a bright sporty one. Personally I prefer the classic look.

Hey, can you get me a drink?

But what impressed me the most is the fact that Reef has actually got a leather sandal that carries a bottle opener in the sole: the reef flip flops with bottle opener So if you're on the beach with your man, and you're getting thirsty, he can just whisk his bottle opener out of his sandal and open up a bottle for you.

That's really cool.

And I bet Kit Harrington doesn't have one of those in hís sandals!

Practical information

Prices for Reef sandals range from about 35 to about 60 bucks.

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