I can get no comments, but I try and I try, and I try

I seem to have a knack for writing posts that don't inspire any comments. Whereas others score about 50 comments by publishing a post about how their cat is really losing a lót of hair this year, my emotional outpours fall flat.

It's the one thing that sometimes makes me feel like giving up on blogging.

Because if I want to pour my heart out and not get any response, I'll just talk to my husband.

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  1. I gained a lot of followers by doing blog hops. But unfortunately though it looks good to have lots of followers, they rarely visit my blog. So I'm a bit disillusioned with followers.

    But I'm going to follow you right now! Here I come!

  2. I hear you! I often write posts that I think - oh this one will illicit lots of great opinions - and then nothing!? I have a feeling that most of my followers are people without blogs, so they don't really understand the value in leaving a comment (even if they do enjoy the post). So the trick is to find other bloggers who want to follow you (the ones who follow me typically always leave comments). However I am definitely the wrong person to ask when it comes to how you GET other bloggers to follow you - I struggle with that too. Maybe we should follow each other!? 😉

  3. There's only a small percentage of ones who will turn out to be loyal readers. It's just the nature of things. You still have to keep with it though, like Gina said. I also practice technical writing with keywords to draw search engine traffic. They don't comment always, but your pageviews can dramatically improve, because you get indexed by Google. Takes time and consistency though. They say that most give up blogging after 3 years, so if you are of the smaller group pressing forward, you can create an advantage.

  4. I've done the Blog Hop thing too. I got lots of visitors, but not all that much comments. And the comments I díd get showed they hadn't read the post : ( I got comments like: 'Visiting from the blog hop. Please visit me!'

    So I'm not a big fan of blog hops as a tool to get comments.

  5. I'm sorry to here this. I haven't had the free time I need to get to my blog but I know it's hard to get traffic. But, I think you have great post, so don't get to discouraged.

  6. I was going to say what Courtney already said.
    I might also add, that if you want to start a conversation, try asking an open ended question so your readers feel invited into the conversation.
    It takes time to buildup a community.
    Continue to work hard to write good material, engage your readers, and join in on the conversations on other blogs.
    Commenting will pick up eventually if you stick with it.

  7. Doing the vB thing is always helpful, but visiting about 5-10 other blogs/day over time, is a way to grow your network. You won't get reciprocation from everybody, but some will, and then you just keep up that relationship from there.

  8. I think a lot of people just read unless you prompt them. I know sometimes bloggers will write a post, and then at the very end they speak directly to the reader and ask for feedback in the form of a question like, "Have you ever felt like you're just not being heard?" or "Have you ever just wanted to give up?" If your posts themselves are something they enjoy reading but wouldn't exactly ever have had a similar experience, the keeping the question more open ended like that, gives them a chance to say something about their own lives, even if they don't think their experiences are funny enough to entertain anyone, and they'll overcome their shyness just because you asked.

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