Coupon codes: what's not to love?!

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I love discounts, and what better way to get some than by using coupons?! With five kids, I can use every shortcut there is. So I got all excited when I discovered cheap deals and exclusive offers at

Sure, it's not around the corner, but I'll take my coupons where ever I can find them! And if that happens to be in Australia, well then you won't hear me complaining. I'll be happy to take my coupon codes for Austalia. Or Russia for that matter.

I especially can appreciate their slogan saying: 'Check before your shop'. Because you wouldn't want to get home and thén discover you could have gotten two bags of cheerios for the price of one! That would be so depressing you would have to eat the whole bag, all at once.

Coupons are the staples of my grocery list, and I never leave home without them!

Do you check for coupons before you head to the store?

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