Swim wear: how many bathing suits do you have?

I wrote this post at the request of the good people of The Clymb, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

I own one bathing suit, and one tankini. That's not a lot. Because I read somewhere the average American woman owns at least four bathing suits.

Tankini's are easier to wear

I usually prefer the tankini, because it's easier if I have to pee. Pulling down a wet bathing suit is no picknick! Nor is trying to pull it up again after you're done let me tell you. With a tankini all you have to do is pull down your panties and there you go.

Practicalities aside I think that whoever invented the tankini deserves a medal. Because it combines the comfort of a bikini, with the forgiveness of a bathing suit. Especially if you have borne the gift of life'. Which I have, five times, a bikini may feel too revealing. At least it does to me!

Way back when, women's bathing suits almost looked like dresses. They probably made swimming quite difficult, but they did cover everything up quite nicely!

A little bit of history about bathing suits

Bathing suits used to cover lots of body parts. It wasn't until the end of the 1800s that bathing suits actually became fit for swimming. In 1900 bathing suits stopped at the thigh! Very risky indeed. And they were more fitted. But it took until the 1930s for bathing suits to start to look like the kind of bathing suits we know today. It's a style I still like.

The first bikini made its appearance in 1946, shocking the world! It took the sixties to get women to actually wear them. But bathing suits stayed popular too. Just think of the little red number Pamela Anderson wore in Bay Watch!

Now both bathing suits and bikinis are acceptable swim wear.

Buying a bikini or bathing suit is NOT easy!

Buying a bikini or a bathing suit makes most women miserable! It's no fun trying them on, and seeing yourself in the unforgiving light of a dressing room. That's why I prefer to buy my swimwear online! And if I eat too many chocolate Easter Bunnies I might have to buy a pair of these, which I spotted on The Clymb:

Song inspired by a bikini!

Just for fun, listen to this funny song about a girl wearing an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini!

So, how many bathing suits do you have? And what's your favourite: a bikini, a tankini or a bathing suit?

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  1. Mine are quite a lot shorter than the ones in the picture and they have the panty part built in, so you don't flash anyone. They aren't made from swimsuit material either, so they aren't tight. I'm pretty sure I got mine at JC Penny last year. I just looked and they have quite a few online.

  2. I have two bathing suits, both tankinis with shorts. I don't like the regular panty bottoms. Also, I buy mine online so I don't have to look in those harsh mirrors and lights. Horrible!!

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