I am a HSP

I've never been a big fan of parent participation at school.

Sure, I felt a bit nostalgic when my five children started school, but it also meant I'ld finally get some peace and quiet, and some much needed time to myself. Or so I thought, because soon they started pouring in: the requests to help out at school. They filled me with a mixture of guilt and annoyance. Why wouldn't they leave me alone?! If I had wanted to do something at school, I would have become a teacher!

Then I read an article about Highly Sensitive Persons saying: 'Highly Sensitive Persons are vulnerable to sensory or emotional overwhelm. Taking in and processing so much information from both inner and outer worlds can be too much at times and result in more pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety and other reactions.'

Suddenly a bright light shone above me, and I fell to the earth. Then I heard a voice saying: 'Momfever, don't you know you are a Highly Sensitive Person?! You are such a noob!'
Trembling I asked: 'What wilt thou have me to do?'
And the voice said unto me: 'Go and get yourself diagnosed, so you can free yourself of parent participation forever and always!'

So I hurried on over to Photoshop and made myself a nice little badge. And now every time they ask me to do something at school I just show my little badge, and they tell me not to worry.

Soon I'll even get my own parking space!

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  1. I'm mixed up when it comes to school parent participation --I really only enjoy about 1/2 of the events I go too---so now I'm watching my cuz baby 3 days a week--so I've got a reason to "get out" of helping =^D

  2. All this time, I had no idea I had a medical reason that would excuse me from school participation and large family functions! Totally printing AND laminating this...

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