You wanna see my panties?!

I found some realy cute panties that were on sale. Only 40 cents a piece!

They have useful sayings on them I would like my husband to read:

 'Turn back while you still can!' , 'All I want for Christmas is a good night's sleep!' and  'Don't mess with the panties'.

But now I find myself wanting to lift up my skirt in public, while shouting: 'Look at my new panties!' I have become a danger to propriety. I blame Summer Vacation. And spending too much time with the kids.

I really need a break. Perhaps I should take a trip to London.
I hear they have some lovely panties over there.

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  1. Well look at you, a few new pairs of undies and your ready to go crazy!!! How do you know your ready for Summer break to end? You are ready to show your panites to complete strangers, that would be quite a slogan for a PTA meeting!!! Lol!!! I LOVE to visit your site!!! Thanks for the great laugh!!! Take care!!

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