Hypochondriac in the making

My youngest son Pete (9) is showing al the signs of a future hypochondriac.
'Mommy, if I pull my thumb, I feel something in my neck!' or 'When I breath my ear feels 'funny'.

And then he looks up at me. His eyes filled with concern, but also with belief that I know the solution to all his problems. And since I have long since lost my godlike status with my other children, I cherish his belief in me and do my best to live up to it.

But now he has been struck with some coughing virus. As cough viruses go, this is a rather bening one, but as a future hypochondriac little Pete is very worried about his prognosis. This morning he arrived at the breakfast table looking very much like someone who has just heard got the message that Barney's will be canceled.
'What's wrong honey?' I asked.
Pete burst into tears. 'I want my cough to go away!'
Patiently I explained to him that these things take time, but I could see his belief in my powers dwindling more rapidly than my money.

'Here honey,' have some vitamine C I offered.
His face lit up, as he chewed on the two tablets.

Sometimes parenting is easier than you think!


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  1. Awww poor baby. My son gets excited about drinking one of those ah - what's it called ...oh airborne. He tells me when he thinks he needs one. Have you ever seen the show Monk? You'd have to know the show to get my reference but I call him Monk Johnson. He's pretty dramatic and germs and blood. I see that above "less concerned" comment - it doesn't work for me. :-O

  2. That's pretty funny. Speaking as someone who borders right on that very fine edge of hypochondria, I totally rate to Pete's plight. Poor guy. I hope this coughing virus goes away. Have you also tried honey?

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