Low maintenance

I tell my hubby often: 'I'm very low maintenance! I don't need expensive vacations, I drewl over a Big Mac and I buy my clothes second hand on eBay!'
And just to make sure he gets my point I add: 'You are one lucky guy!'

Then hubby goes all skittish on me, and I see his eyes looking for a way out.
'All I ask of you is to offer me a compliment for being such an easy wife,' I tell him.

But apparently thát, would cost him too much.

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10 reacties

  1. I tell my husband that I am a different kind of high maintenance. I love back massages, expensive chocolate, flying down a dirt trail on my mountain bike and a good day skiing. He is okay with that so we are cool. BTW- love your gardening picture!

  2. Except for the vacation thing (I usually pay for them though, so it's okay), I am low maintenance too. I can't remember hubby ever complimenting me on it, but I have heard him, or heard of him, saying nice things about me behind my back. 🙂 Maybe hubby's talking good about you, just not to you. 🙂

  3. LOL now there's a conversation I know and have had. HOwever, I usually ask for a bit of respite just a few minutes for an uninterrupted shower, lol. Time to wash my hair even.

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