Odd habits

Everyone has them: odd habits.

Mine is to take a giant leap every time I want to lie me down to sleep. I start out in the hall way, push off in our bedroom, and jump with all my might into our bed.

I háve to do this, you understand. Otherwise the monster beneath our bed, will grab my feet and pull me under!

What's your special habit?

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  1. Ugh I thought it was just me. I too feel an inkling to want to jump on to our bed, that is before we moved to the Philippines and we basically sleep on a low rise mattress (japanese style). I'm sure the monster is feeling very squished right now...

  2. I'm not sure if you'd call it a habit, or OCD (lol?) but I have to have the tv and/or radio volume set to a number divisible by 5 - it drives me crazy to see it set to 26 or 31 *shudder* I'm your newest follower from Follow Me Friday, you can find me at Parent Palace

  3. So funny! I always sleep with my legs in the letter P formation! Why? Because when I was little I thought monsters lived under my bed and could only get you if it could get both toes! I know weird, but now I still sleep that way! Hi! New follower! Love for you to stop by!

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  4. Something Swanky: I'm not really a dessert kind of girl, although I do believe everyone should get their deserts!

    Amber, your odd habit made me smile, as did yours Jess! Sleeping with your legs formed in the letter P, so the monsters won't get you! Love that.

    Perhaps it's an evolutionary thing, this fear of monsters beneath the bed?

    Thanks everyone for your great comments! They make my day!

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