The hunt for Moms is now open!

June 2012 School Newsletter

Dear colleagues,

Summer Vacation is almost upon us, and so the time has come for our annual Mom Hunt! In the final weeks leading up to the long Summer break, lots of special activities will be organized, to ensure a chaotic end to the school year. And of course these will require the help of many moms!

We need tall moms, short moms, yummy mummies, not so yummy mummies, and moms wearing mom jeans. Like Pokémon said: 'Gotta catch them all!'

New system to determine the winner!

Since we had some trouble determining who won last year's hunt, this year we'll be introducing a new system. Depending on the effort your catch required, you can earn points!

  • Stay at home moms: 1 point
  • Career moms: 2 points
  • Stay at home dads: 3 points
  • Career dads: 10 points

As you can see, hunting down dads, ánd catching them, gets you more points. This is simply because they're harder to catch as they don't respond to guilt trips.

Happy hunting everyone!

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