I like myself

It's lonely at the top, so I had taken some time out of my busy schedule, to like myself on Facebook. A lot.

I was very pleased with the result, because obviously, I was a popular girl!

But my joy was shortlived, because soon after, my eldest son came down the stairs, laughing so hard he almost tripped. Between laughs he managed to squeeze out: 'Mom liked hersélf at Facebook. Lots of times! How sad is that?!'

So I told hím: 'How do you know that was mé! Many people like me a lot!'
'Because when you like someone, your name appears behind it.' my daughter informed me.
'Oh…' I whispered, feeling myself turning an ugly Heinz Ketchup red.

When they were finally done laughing, my son said in the tone of voice usually reserved for the terminally ill: 'Do you want me to remove them for you mom? And then I'll like you!'
I nodded gratefully.

But when I logged into my Facebook page I saw he hadn't liked me.
He'd poked me...

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  1. Very funny post!! Isn't it horrible when we have to do things for ourselves!! Lol!! I'm pretty sure I like you, but I will check and at least say hi to you!! Thanks for a fun post!!

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