Boho or hobo, that's the question

When it comes to personal style I'ld like to describe mine as Boho Chic. Although my sisters tell me I'm more Hobo than Boho…

Sometimes I wonder briefly: 'Am I a yummy mummy?' Then I shrug, and decide: probably not. I'm way too attached to comfort. I love my Uggs and my Birkenstocks, and my long flowing skirts with elastic waistbands. But that doesn't mean I don't like to look nice! I just don't want tot put any effort into it. So definitely no make-up, long hair I can pull into a messy bun, and clothes that 'give'.

Anyway, yesterday I was out shopping minding my own business when suddenly I saw this little grey gilet. I put it on and decided it did me a lot of favors! Like a lot of women I am pear-shaped: small up top, and wide at the hips. I need a size medium/10 for my bottom part, depending on how many chocolate I ate, and on top I often need a size small.

This gilet showed off my small parts beautifully. In fact I looked positively 'neat'! Definitely not like a hobo. My kids all have this surprised look whenever I walk in wearing my gilet.

How do you dress?

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  1. i didnt know that they were called gilet! lol. i always called em a buttoned vest. lol. you look pretty darn cute in it girl. love the way it flashes curves.

  2. I swore I would never buy a pair of uggs - they are UGGGLY! Well I tried on a pair - two years ago - three pairs later and I am the happiest mommy in them - they are super comfy!And kinda cute 😉

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