Plan a Staycation, Vegas Style!


More and more often now, it seems people are opting for an alternative to pricey get-aways. Like Pippa to Kate Middleton, the staycation may not be the real deal, but she’s still just as attractive as her older sister, coming out of nowhere to steal the show.

Staycations are hot

According to Forbes, the staycation trend picked up heat a few years ago when the recession began taking its toll. on funds normally allocated for 'unnecessary' spending. Like splurging on that chic pair of must-have spring wedges or a week-long vacation in Hawaii.

Las Vegas is the go-to weekend trip, the place where anything can (and will) happen. It's that perfect combination of sunny days spent lounging by the pool with cocktail in hand and wild nights enjoying adult beverages while playing all the games you can. But if you’re not lucky enough to live within a couple hours of Sin City, planning a quick getaway with the girls or a bachelorette bash that makes The Hangover look low-key can start getting expensive, and fast.

Create your own little Las Vegas right at home!

Between the plane ticket, hotel room, and cab fare, a weekend in Vegas may leave you with more of a dent in your bank account that you originally planned for. This is where the ever-popular staycation can come in handy.

Transform your humble abode into a swanky casino. Invite your friends over, and enjoy all the revelry Vegas has to offer. From the comfort of your own city.

Dazzle with details

The bright lights and lively atmosphere of Vegas is what first lures visitors in. So make sure your staycation incorporates all of that famous glitz and glamour.

  • Are you feeling crafty? Make your own rendition of the iconic 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign that graces the beginning of the strip. You can use these instructions from Decorating for Events
  • Deck out the rest of your place with all things casino. Keeping with the theme throughout each room for a totally immersive experience. 
  • Use string lights and inflatable plastic palm trees to create a bright, kitschy vibe
  • Don’t forget a well-stocked bar for mixing up plenty of Vegas staples.

Host (and Learn) the Games

The biggest part of any weekend in Vegas is, of course, the variety of games you can play. But just because you’re not actually in Sin City doesn’t mean you can’t play like you are. Set up poker tables stacked with cards, dice, and chips, adding glitter to each tabletop for that over-the-top Vegas touch. Whether you’re playing for pretend or just for bragging rights, beat boredom on your staycation with plenty of options.

Additionally, make sure that you and everyone else knows how to play the games beforehand so that no one has an unfair advantage. That way it will be fun for everyone.

Betfair's poker site is home to a number of guides for anyone interested in poker, whether it's the more popular Texas Hold'em or another variant such as 5-Card Stud. And if it's blackjack you're after, pass around this How Stuff Works site to get all the players on the same page.

Dress to the Nines

You may be spending most of the weekend in your own house or apartment, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to your usual wardrobe. Pull out all the stops in a slinky black number or a sequin-covered gown, as seen on eHow.

Make sure you layer on the accessories—when it comes to Vegas fashion, the gaudier the jewelry, the better. For makeup, try a sultry smoky eye paired with bright red lips and shimmering blush. Smooth gold body glitter on legs and cleavage for a hint of Vegas shine. You’ll be competing with Sin City’s neon lights, after all.

To pull it all together, rock a sophisticated up-do for an elegant look. For a sex kitten vibe go for tousled wave. To make sure none of your guests shows up underdressed (and out of place), make a note on your staycation invitations suggesting everyone wear their Vegas best.

Once your very own Las Vegas has been created, that long-awaited staycation can finally begin. Now you and your guests can enjoy all the perks of a weekend getaway without ever having to pack a bag.

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