Bird house. Again?!

Yesterday my two youngest sons came home from school. And yet again they were carrying a selfmade bird house. I don't know what their arts and crafts teacher is thinking, but I'm seriously considering starting my own Bird Bungalow Park. This may very well be the tenth bird house they've made...

Bird house

At first I was all: 'Awwww, how nice! A little bird house! Did you make that bird house yourself? Mommy is sooo impressed!' But once you've seen one bird house, you've seen them all. And I don't think the kids like máking them any more either. They hadn't even tried to make this bird house look good.

I don't think any self respecting bird would wanna stay in that bird house! It's very uninspired I think. So I put it somewhere on the kitchen table and forgot all about it. As did the kids.

Bird house decorating

But later that evening, I was sipping my tea when suddenly I had this great idea! I'ld decorate that poor excuse for a bird house! I knew I had some self adhesive wallpaper somewhere. Luckily I found it, and got to work. I suppose you should make sure the surface is nice and clean, before you start covering it with adhesive wallpaper. But I couldn't be bothered. Mostly because I didn't really think it would turn out nice. I'm not all that handy you know.

So I just put the bird house on the coffee table and started piling on the adhesive wallpaper. And you know what? I turned out quite nicely! Look what I made:

I think it's a great little bird house. Definitely for a higher class bird!

Bird house decorating tips

As it turns out there's a whole world of ideas out there  about decorating a bird house. So there must be lots of moms who are silently suffering from their kids bringing home birdhouses constantly! Here are some pointers and ideas to spruce up a bird house!

Tools and stuff

  • For a quick fix: use self adhesive wallpaper
  • If you're creative you can use all kinds of wallpaper or even little pieces of fabric!
  • Feathers
  • Rhinestones
  • Ribbons
  • A little fake bird to put on top of it

What kind of arts and crafts stuff do your kids take home from school?

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