My own psycho shower scene

It was early morning. I was in the shower enjoying some quiet time. Feeling the warm water cascading down my body, cherishing the feeling of being alone. No one else around.

Then suddenly I heard that telltale sound of a door opening, followed by an icy cold swish of air. Then: 'Hiiiiiii honey. Are you enjoying your shower?'

That's when I remembered: 'Right, hubby has a day off...'

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  1. LOL! Oh there is nothing worse than that! My hubby once did the same thing, only he was just getting home and was wearing a baggy hoodie with the hood up. I almost died!!

  2. Lol!! That is just too funny! I've had a couple of those moments happen to be before. It's so scary at first and then I'm always thinking "You could have knocked..."

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