Effective Parenting 102

'We're going for a nice, family walk!' I told the kids. And I felt a bit sweaty while delivering my message. Because I know my kids...
'It will be great fun!!!' I added against my better judgement.
But sure enough, the kids started a revolt, saying they didn't want to go.
'If you're not coming, you'll have to come to church with me!' I heard myself threaten.
Immediately the kids fell silent. And sullenly they went to put on their shoes and jackets. I was pleasantly surprised that my empty threat proved to be so effective!

So all Christmas long, whenever the kids were not playing nice I said: 'Do you wanna go to church?! Do you?!' And then they cowered and whispered with tears in their eyes: 'Noooo mommy, we'll be good!'
I'm not sure what's worse. A mom keeping her kids in line with threats of going to church, or the fact that the threat of going to church is so effective...

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  1. I think it's whatever you feel works best. Sadly, some of our threats eventually are no good after a while. So we have to make new ones up. We always follow through with them, but sadly even my little guy gets bored with it.

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