6 Gifts Ideas for Your Clumsy Teen

clumsy teen

The life of an accident-prone teen is a struggle. Reminiscent of a bull in a china shop, your teen falls, trips, knocks over and runs into things on a daily basis.

Let’s just say teens are far from graceful. 

Every day, you wonder where they got it — it certainly wasn’t from you. If your accident-prone teenager can’t seem to catch a break, here are some gift ideas that will arm them with preventative measures and have them feeling cool and collected.

Snarky T-Shirt 

Do-it-yourself online marketplaces like Zazzle and Café Press have some hilarious products that poke fun of the accident-prone person in your life. Some of the best shirts, mugs and stickers read:

  • I do all of my own stunts (unintentionally)
  • I don't trip. I do random gravity checks 
  • 'If you fall, I'll be there.' – Floor 

Get one of these for your teen, and let them sing it loud and proud:

'Jennifer Lawrence has nothing on me.'

Water-Resistant Cellphone 

Cellphones aren’t what they used to be. Taking an unexpected swim or having an accidental drop in the toilet is no longer the end of the line for your smartphone. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was made for the accident prone because it is practically waterproof. Not only that, the super sleek design fits into a back pocket, making it less likely to haphazardly disappear. If that sounds dangerous to you, hook your teen up with a phone tether that clips onto a belt loop or backpack as extra security.

Spill-Proof Drink Glass 

We won’t call it a sippy cup, but it basically is a sippy cup. The accident-prone person knows that a water glass can get the best of them (and the couch, and the floor, and the car seat). If this sounds like your kid, check out BuzzFeed’s list of 15 cups for people who suck at not spilling things.
Another option is a Snug Straw, which is a piece of BPA-free silicone that stretches over any cup in your home to make it spill-proof. Your teen will no longer have to blame wagging dog tails for spilled water (we know it wasn’t the dog).

First Aid Gift Basket 

Gift your teen a basket filled with medical supplies, safety gear, a survival handbook and other items to heal or prevent accidents. Knee pads, a helmet, glue, instant cold packs, Band-Aids and a Tide To-Go Pen are just a few items to include.
While you can’t prevent your teenager from being klutzy, you can offer them resilient gifts that will give them a little protection.

Gyro Bowl 

While it may be advertised for kids, this unique bowl was designed with the spill-prone in mind. No matter how much this bowl spins, turns, dumps or drops, it’s completely and 100 percent spill-proof and virtually indestructible (or so the website touts). Pair this item with a spill-proof cup and you might find yourself doing less cleaning up around the house.

The Unstainable White Shirt 

Elizabeth & Clarke invented a white shirt that cannot be stained. With the help of nanotechnology, this shirt works similar to the process of a flower repelling the morning dew. It is made of unstainable fibers that suspend liquid spills, like soy sauce, ketchup and coffee, above the fabric. The Kickstarter campaign is now a reality and can be ordered on its website.

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  1. Hi...I hopped over from Coffee & Conversation! (But don't worry...I'm not done with this comment yet. ;)) Maybe it's because I've got girls (one tween, one teen) who are also both dancers, but clumsiness isn't a big problem around here. Which is a god thing because we've got enough other "issues," such as "where have all the bobby pins gone" and "does this t-shirt go with these jeans" and "is there any chance I'll like my hair today." But. That unstainable white shirt? Must get. I think it might change our lives. 🙂

  2. Those shirts and mugs are hilarious, my husband would love them, I have seen him going around reading tee-shirts on store racks and having a great chuckle to himself. Then when he finds me, takes me back to have another chuckle with him.

  3. What a fun list. I still have a few more years until my son is a teen, but I am sure he will be a klutz, because I was... or should I say am. I need a whole set of those shirts, unfortunately they don't seem to make them large enough to fit me. 🙁

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