7 Stages of Doing Laundry

Since our move I've taken to folding the laundry on the kitchen table.

Unfortunately this is just one stage of the process of doing laundry. In fact, after doing lots of research I've concluded there are 7 stages! And each stage carries with it, the risk of stagnation!

The 7 Stages of Doing Laundry

  1. Going on a scavenger hunt through the house, collecting dirty clothes from everywhere.
  2. Sorting the dirty laundry according to color.
  3. Putting the dirty laundry in the washing machine
  4. Taking the now clean laundry out of the washing machine
  5. Putting the laundry in the dryer or on the clothes line
  6. Taking the laundry out of the dryer, off the clothes line
  7. Folding the laundry
  8. Taking the neat piles of freshly laundered clothes to their ultimate destination

I'm happy to report I have no trouble with stage 1 to 3. In fact I kind of like the feeling of pushing the 'on' button of the washing machine. Pushing that button gives me a feeling of a job well done!

Don't leave me hanging!

Unfortunately, about an hour later, a follow up is requested. And that's where I start to struggle. I find it hard to bring myself to get the clean clothes out of the washing machine, because it means I have to hang them. To save time I put dresses, shirts, skirts etc. immediately on a clothes hanger, and then onto the clothes line to dry. That way all I have to do is transfer them to the closet.

I've got a cloth line outside and one on the inside. See picture!

The small stuff, like underwear and socks, I just stuff into the dryer.

I fold!

I've bombarded my Tuesday and Thursday to folding-laundry-day. I used to put the neat piles of clothes into a hamper waiting to be taken upstairs, but unfortunately I usually forgot. Kids would start to rummage through them looking for something, and soon it looked like it had exploded.

Luckily I found a brilliant solution: I fold everything, and then I shout: 'Kids! I've got something for you to do!' And then I order them to take their own pile of clean clothes, and put it straight into their closet.

To sum up

I struggle with the stages: 4, 5, 6 en 7.

Which stage of doing the laundry do you find hard?
Where do you fold?

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  1. haha I am with you on this. I have NO problem pushing that button, after stuffing the laundry in. Although I don't mind shoving it all into the dryer either, but I stop there. I HATE folding and putting away. That's where the laundry piles up. At times my husband will get the laundry and fold it, because he needs something. 😉

  2. I like your husband! Mine will just start rooting through the neat, folded piles of clean laundry, and throw everything in disarray. And then he'll say it's my fault, because I didn't put it in his closet…

    Perhaps I should launder him some time...

  3. Stage 7 is definitely where our family struggles! Sorting/washing is not a big deal, folding is what takes time. Time we always seem to be running short on. But on the bright side, we always have clean laundry! (it just might not be folded, lol)

  4. Laundry is the worst for me. I let it go and go, as it piles up high and spills over, and I have nothing clean to wear, because I dislike it so much! It's now down to just me and my husband in our empty nest, and it still is my biggest problem to get done! I do his first, so he doesn't kill me;)

    Thanks so much for coming by Mommy LaDy Club! Comments are always nice to get, even if someone is just being nice;)

  5. I'm with you! I'm a master of getting laundry started and sometimes even into the dryer...next, I find heaps of unfolded laundry all over the house. I've recently made a new rule that I will not do more laundry than I can fold and put away.

  6. Ha, ha - I can relate to this - I'm fantastic at putting on loads of washing and moving them along to the dryer - definitely a job well done! But I'm very guilty of piling a week or two's worth of clean stuff onto the bed in the guest room and "forgetting" about it:) I've started folding and putting away as soon as it's done - week 2 and it's still going well:)
    Thanks for sharing,

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