The great toilet paper debate: how's it hangin'?

It can be the cause of many a spousal fight, and can even lead to the demise of a marriage. That ultimate question about the right way to hang the toilet paper: 'Should the paper hang over or under the roll?'

There have been cases reported of husbands sneaking into the bathroom, to hang the toilet paper the way they like it. And then the minute their back is turned, their spouse sneaks in, and quickly hangs it the way shé likes it.

Visitors who can't keep their hands off the toilet paper

There are also people who, when visiting family or friends, can't help themselves when they're in the bathroom: they just  háve to change the way the toilet paper hangs, to suit their preferences. So whenever you have had visitors, and you look at your toilet paper and think: 'Huh, I can't remember hanging it that way,' you probably didn't!

The ultimate answer to the great toilet paper debate!

Luckily I am here to end the debate, and offer the final answer to the question. Are you ready? Here it comes: toilet paper should hang óver the roll! And do you know why? So you can enjoy the pretty pictures manufacturers put on them! When you hang your toiler paper under the roll, you can't enjoy the flowers or dollar bills! Who would have thought that one of life's big questions had such an easy answer?

How is your toilet paper hanging?

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11 reacties

  1. Thanks for shedding light on the topic:). Personally,I have always done the "over" method. I've always been bothered by how some people hang theirs under the roll. Now,the issue is finally put to rest:)

  2. Oh god. I can't take looking at the photo of the 'Under Orientation' way. I just can't! It give me that "UGH!" feeling! LOL. You can tell that I strictly prefer my toilet papers hanging the 'right' way.

    I would turn it over if I see one. It's just so weird to have it the 'wrong' way! LOL.

    Ok I have to get out of here, the photo is driving me insane. HAHAHA! 😀

  3. Hubby and I always fight over this. I like it under but he likes it over. Whichever one of us changes the roll puts it "our" way and the other is never happy about it.

  4. When I saw the title of this post, I KNEW I would love it!!! My in-laws had their own toilet paper debate, thrifty (read scratchy and un-gentle) or soft and expensive. They never came to an agreement, so they compromised, hanging TWO holders side by side. YEP!!! His and her TP helping the family stay sane. My DH and I do not agree on toothpaste, so we have adapted their idea keeping two tubes in the drawer.

  5. It is under in this house, not because it is right or wrong, but because it is harder for our toddler to make a mess of it. We tend to try and make it easy for her to be good without being told, so when we tell her no, she knows we mean it. The toilet paper might change over time.

  6. You know what also helps keep toddlers from making a mess of toilet paper? Give it a good squeeze, so the roll is a bit dented before hanging it up. That way it won't be so easy to roll off.

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