The woman of my husband's dreams

After fifteen years of marriage, I'm still the woman of my husband's dreams. In his dreams, not a night goes by when I don't sell the house from under him, or buy new furniture without talking to him about it.

Apparently I went out and bought an Aga

Last night I apparently went out and bought a big expensive Aga. Unfortunately the Aga was in front of the refridgerator, or it wouldn't fit.

'So I said: 'You go and take that back, because now we can't open the fridge anymore,' hubby told me, his cheeks flushed with indignation.
'But you refused! You said you'ld just push the Aga aside everytime you needed something.

I like this woman of his dreams. She gets things done and has girlpower.

She's also the woman of my dreams.

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