Garden flowers inside your home

Garden flower inside your home

Some people have a so called green thumb, meaning they're very good with flowers and plants. Somehow their plants thrive.

I do not have a green thumb.

The Thumb of Death

In fact, if I would have to describe my thumb when it comes to gardening and such I'ld sooner describe it as The Thumb of Death than a green thumb. Which is why I have lots of flowers made out of man made fibres. They don't need my tender loving care. They just look pretty.

I love them.

There's something special about having some nature in your home

But I have to admit, there's something special about real flowers, about having a piece of living, breathing nature in your home. Which is why I decided to bring some of the flowers that grow in our garden into our home.

Here's two of the garden flowers I brought into the house! 



Summing up

The great thing about bringing garden flowers into your home, is that you don't need a lot. One twig an look real pretty! And of course, they're free : )

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