You can look, but please don't touch

Hubby likes to show his love for me, by physical contact. He likes to visit my side of the bed, and then wrench his clammy foot between my warm legs. And if that's not an option, he wants to at least put his hand on my shoulder. Just so I know that he's there.

Sweet as this is, after a whole day with five kids I have become an Untouchable. I have no greater desire, than the whole bed. The whole bed, and nothing but the bed. And nobody touching me.

Because this isn't a very sympathetic desire, I grab every opportunity to ease my guilty conscience. So when hubby and I were watching an episode of Ghost Whisperer, and I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt's tv hubby take up all the bed, I shouted triumphantely: 'You see! He's taking up all the space! There's no room left for her!'

'No he isn't!' hubby said. 'He's on hís side of the bed!'
I took another look, and had to admit: technically he was júst on his own side.
'Well, he's almóst on her side of the bed, which is annoying too!' I tried to prove my point.
'Yes, but where else should the poor guy lie himself down to sleep?!'
'Waaay more to the edge of the bed!' I explained.

Then Jennifer Love Hewitt herself got into bed, clad in a long white nightgown, and cuddled up to her tv-hubby.

'Ha!' hubby said meaningfully. 'You see?!'
I saw, I heard, and I was silent.'

And tomorrow I'm going to buy me a nightgown.

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  1. This was a great article showing the humor marriage can bring. Both husband and wife looking and seeing things differently but ultimately ending up on the same page. Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday. Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

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