Annoying husbands during Summer Vacation: 'Sómeone didn't do the housework!'

Did you know that after Summer Vacation divorce rates rise?

I'm not surprised.

No matter how much you love your so called better half, it can be quite challenging to be around each 24/7. Yesterday my husband started his vacation.

It's been one day.

And already I feel like screaming.

Annoying husband

Let me give you an example. Instead of coming right out and saying he doesn't like the way the household is run, hubby prefers to voice his grievances like a sinister voice-over.

'Someone didn't do the laundry'

I can hear him searching the closet for matching socks and declaring in ominous tones:

'Sómeone didn't put matching socks in the closet!' 

Then I hear him stumbling into the bathroom, still searching for socks, announcing to no one in particular:

'Someone hasn't done the laundry!'

I'm not Someone

This is followed by some cursing and ranting after which, still in voice over mode of course. He mumbles: 'I'll just to wear different socks. I'll look like a fool. That's what you get when sómeone doesn't take care of clean socks!'

I just listen in silence.

'Cause I'm not someone.

Annoying husbands: things they do

  1. My husband takes a cup, has a drink, and then he puts the cup on the counter top somewhere. Or on the window sill. Or on a bookshelf. He puts it everywhere, except where it belongs after it's been used: in the dishwasher.
  2. He goes to the bathroom downstairs and does a Number 2. Preferable just after I've cleaned the toilet. And he stinks. Real bad.
  3. I'm a Work At Home Mom: my office is behind our kitchen. When my husband is home he keeps stumbling into my office wanting to know where things are: like his cup.
  4. He gets annoyed when I put his cup into the dishwasher: 'I was still using that honey!' 
  5. He's there. Like all the time.

New wedding vow

When you get married your promise to love and honor your husband, through sickness and health. 
But no one mentioned Summer Vacation!
How do you experience Summer Vacation with your husband? Is it all wedded bliss? Or do you sometimes struggle lik I do?

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