Rose arch: two new ones

rose arch

I love romantic gardens, with lots of flowers tumbling about.

And what's more romantic than a rose arch?

Which is why I've been longing for a real rose arch for a long time.

My husband built me an... ehm rose arch without the arch

Unfortunately my husband decided he would build me one. It was a really sweet gesture, but when he finished it did NOT look like a rose arch. It looked more like a kid's drawing of a house. it didn't have an arch, but a triangle at the top.

The storm huffed and puffed

Fortunately we had some rather severe storms. The storm huffed and it puffed and it blew my husband's rose 'arch' down.

This is what was left:


What a pity!

So I decided to take my chance, and started looking for real rose arches. And I found two.

Two new rose arches

I bought one rose arch with a gate, so the neighbour's dog can't come and poop in our garden anymore, and one regular rose arch.

I'm very happy with both of them. They look exactly how a rose arch should.

Next time me and my husband are standing underneath one of our rose arches, I might even kiss him under the rose arch.

It's a country song in the making!

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  1. I guess the opportunity for a new rose arch is the silver lining after the storm, eh? I hope your husband isn't too disappointed - enjoy watching your beautiful roses climb the new arch!
    And thank you for sharing with us at this week's Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

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