All is silent.

The leaves on the trees are gently moving in the wind, while a breeze whispers promises of sunshine and delight. My grandma's roses silently bow their head, to the buzzing of the bees.

There is silence.

But then suddenly the silence is shattered by a loud 'BANG!!!'
It's the hubster, trying to scare the birds out of our cherry tree, where they're enjoying a nice picnkick.
Having no gun, he makes do by shouting 'Bang'!

But I don't think the birds got it.

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  1. We have a woodpecker that is destroying our house. I wish a loud noise would scare him off, but that doesn't work either. I threw a stick in his general direction the other day (not to hit him, just to scare him) and he flew in the tree and chirped at me, like he was scolding me. -_-

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