I see a rat! And I think it's dead...

I'm trying to be frugal, so I'm using our woodburner to keep us warm instead of using the central heating.

There's rat in our wood burner!

This morning, shivering and feeling like Cinderella on a particularly bad day, I carefully opened the little door of the wood burner to put some logs inside, and create a warm and happy home. Then my eyes widened in shock:

there lay a big, fat rat in the wood burner! 

Yikes! I think it's dead

I was horrified, and yet I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. Then slowly it dawned on me: it wasn't a rat, but my husband's hair.

He likes to shave his head, and apparently thought the wood burner was as good a place as any to hide the evidence.
Because of the adrenaline rush I felt warm and tingly all over.

I didn't even need the wood burner anymore.

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