A fight waiting to happen

Some fights are just waiting to happen. Yesterday evening, hubby and I were watching Medium and Ghost Whisperer. And we got into this deep, and meaningful discussion about which one was the better series.

Hubby felt compelled to share I had a lot more in common with Allison in Medium, than with Melinda from Ghost Whisperer.
'It's a pity you're not a bit more like Melinda from Ghost Whisperer!' he shared with me.

For those of you who don't know these series: Allison is played by Patricia Arquette, and is a tired mom who wears really ugly pyjamas. Melinda, on the other hand, has long flowing hair, and is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. She wears sexy, floaty white nightgowns, and is nót tired, nor is she a mom.

I took some deep breaths, and reminded myself: I wánt hubby to share his innermost thoughts and feelings. And perhaps I took his comparison completely the wrong way! So I asked him: 'What exactly áre the similarities between Allison and me?'

Whereas hubby is usually stumped for answers, now they came effortlessly: 'Allison is often cranky and tired!'

And then I demonstrated to hubby just how much like Allison I can be.

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  1. Hmm.. he'd be sleeping on the couch if he said that to me!!
    and now I can't decide which of the two I do like better.. I'm not a regular watcher of either but enjoy them both when I do happen to catch them (they aren't screening here at the moment)but I think both leading ladies are pretty amazing and I wouldn't mind being compared to either one of them!

  2. Husbands just don't get it, LOL!! I've never actually seen Medium, but from the sounds of it I am just like her, although I secretly dream of being Melinda. Good for you for showing him how it is.

  3. LOL! That's funny. But, truthfully I'm probably more like Allison. How can we not be with kids? Thanks for stopping by my newest blog, Fit, Fun, Fashion after 40. As one of my first commenters, I would love to feature you. . . whether you're more like Allison OR Melinda! I don't care that you've sacrificed fashion for comfort--b/c truthfully, I have too! I'm more interested in the fit, fun side!

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