Random conversation

'I saw you at the store, looking at refrigerators!' the guy at the local bakery told me.
I blanched, because I had neither seen, nor noticed him, and I always worry people think I'm a snob. Which I am, so it's hard work to avoid looking like one.

So I overcompensated by telling him my life story, finishing with the exciting news of our upcoming move to the country.
'And that is why I was looking for refrigerators,' I finally finished my story. The local bakery guy looked a bit stunned.

'And why were you there?' I asked, because conversations are all about taking and giving.
'I bought my wife an iron for our 25th anniversary,' he said, and I searched his face for any telltale bruises while biting my tongue to avoid commiserating with his wife.

But things could get worse for his poor wife, because he added: 'And it didn't work! So I had to return it. Now I got her blender.'

Suddenly I felt like I shóúld have snubbed him intentionally.
As a token to women everywhere.

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  1. Some guys just don't get it, that's why I love the Boots Xmas ad with ladies helping the clueless husband. I told hubby from the onset of marriage I don't want any 'gifts' that are for the house. I am not a house, lol.

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