Our wedding anniversary: my wedding dress still fits!

wedding dress

Today is my husband's and mine 26th wedding anniversary! As I was doing my daily run, I got the idea to put on my wedding dress once again.

My wedding dress still fits

I'd forgotten my wedding dress had this big petticoat underneath it, and how voluminous it was. But it still fit!

When I put the dress on, I was kind of in a hurry. After all, I also had to hang my washing on the laundry line! So the feelings the dress evoked, caught me by surprise. It felt special, and made me remember how getting married is a big deal.

wedding dress

Remember when

Here's a picture of us, the day we got married, 26 years ago:

wedding picture

My, how young we looked back then!

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  1. You get better with age:) I love your dress so pretty. Congratulations on the fit as well as the 26 years. May you have many more happy years ahead of you.
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  2. That's very impressive - I love that your dress still fits and still looks good. Being of a frugal mindset, I sold my dress after I got married so I don't know if it would still fit (I'd like to hope so!) Glad it brought back some fond memories too.

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