I was working, blogging away, minding my own business when my eldest daughter declared in triumphant tones: 'Sybil and I aren't the only ones anymore who think you look like professor Trewlawney!'
'My friend Mary thinks so too!'

When I got the first report, about my similarity to this Harry Potter character, I of course googled her to check out whether I should be flattered or bummed. It turned out 'bummed' was the way to go.

Because professor Trewlawney has a lot of wild hair, big nerd glasses, and long flowing skirts. And I hate to admit it: this description fits me quite well… Especially now that vanity died a bloody death by the hand of laziness, and I wear my glasses fulltime.

My daughter saw the dismay on my face, and said consolingly: 'Don't worry mom. The actrice playing the part of professor Trewlawney is really pretty!'

But then she spoiled it by adding: 'Before they turn her into professor Trewlawney.'

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  1. I love it! Once, I was thumbing through a catalogue with my niece and I asked, "Would I look hip in this outfit." She replied, "Yeah, Aunt Michelle, that's about as hip as you are ever going to get."

    Stopping by from Monday Mingle, love your blog.

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