Music sets the mood

Music can really set the tone of one's mood. And since I'm a lover of Country and Western music I often find myself in utter despair one moment, and jumping for joy the other.

I grow up in a shabby cabin, while my father is working in the coal mine, and my mom is sowing me a coat in all kinds of colours till her fingers bleed. And of course the kids of school make fun of me and my coat. What did my mom expect?!

I feel the joy of a golden wedding band around my finger, and the hurt as I throw that same ring into the face of my philandering husband. I run away from home, and die a cold and lonely death.

Then I hang around in bars, and I'm left by all the men in my life. I steal car parts from the factory I work in, and build my own Ferrari. I name my son Sue to make him strong, and I wonder what happened to the girl I used to be.

Yes, I lead a full life.

What's your favourite kind of music?

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  1. I like so many different types of music. It used to play a much larger role in my life than it does now, but I still enjoy it quite a bit.

    I came over to tell you thanks for the Marie Bellets song you suggested. The end made me smile...just what I was thinking when I said goodbye to my son at the airport. 🙂

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