Happy Family starring yourstruly: Me!

In the co-production 'Happy Family' I like to consider myself the key figure. After all, I'm in nearly every scene ánd I've got the most lines!

The stage that is our house is my domain. I know where everything goes, how to do stuff, and I'm head of Logistics, Food, Parenting and Finances.

But there are always sóme co-stars, also known as Hubby, who think they can can play my part just as well, perhaps even better! They dismiss my rules and advice and start improvising. The problem with these improvisors is that they end up as one-day wonders. Their performances are brief and chaotic. And when they leave the stage, they do not leave it bare, but in utter disarray. All child actors are confused, props are missing and everybody's forgotten their lines.

And who do you think has to get up on the stage and save the day? That's right. That would be me.

Unforunately as the Star you're not always loved. Especially the child actors often prefer the short and exciting show of the one day wonder.

But I just shrug and say to myself: 'Oh well, it's lonely at the top.'

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  1. Great attitude!!! There's always tomorrow's show, right?
    Today, I was the star with my daughter... somehow we managed a brand new release, "Morning Peace." Seriously, from the moment I woke her till she stepped on the bus, not one unhappy word, face or sound!!! I hope this show has a long run!!! 🙂

  2. Great analogy. Do you ever feel that unless you're an action star, blowing things up all the time, no one has any patience for your movie? I get that a lot:"Dad..dad..dad...what's next? Dad..dad..dad!"

  3. What an interesting thought. Maybe next time things get hard I should remember this and it will help me realize it is just a small moment in time and I can get through it. Eventually there has to be a happy ending. This also makes me want to step into that spotlight instead of dodging it and wanting a costar.

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