New bed from steel + before & after pics!

We had to sleep on the ground, in what was left ot the bed....

A few weeks ago my husband stepped into bed, and I felt the earth move! Because the bed broke.

That night we slept in the wreckage that was once out bed.

I did nót like it.

I want a new bed!

So I said to my husband: 'I want a new bed! And fast!'

I went to the Ikea website and within a few minutes I stumbled upon this white, steel bed. I emailed my husband the link so he could have a look. Luckily I agreed it was 'good enough'.

Click and collect

Because we wanted our bed and sleepin it, and not have to go shopping in the nearest Ikea store, we used 'click and collect'. That way you don't have to walk through the whole Ikea store to collect your stuff. The people at Ikea do it for you. All you have to do is go there,  and collect the bed.

So now I can sleep in a real bed again!

Our new bed!

I really like our new bed! I think it has a vintage look, and a bit of romance is in there too.

What kind of bed do you sleep in?

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  1. We have a white metal bed as well. Last time we shifted we got rid of our heavier bed and kept this lighter easier to handle metal bed. We have not regretted the change.

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