K-drama: 11 signs you have watched too much K-drama

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Somehow I got myself accidentally hooked on romantic Korean drama series. I just love the romantic story lines.

But I'm starting to think I may have watched too much K-drama. And here's why...

K-drama: 10 signs you have watched too much K-drama

  1. You want to make a little bow to people when I thank them for something.
  2. When something goes wrong you feel like saying: 'Aish!
  3. You're starting to listen to Korean music, even though you don't understand a word of what they're singing.
  4. You want to give your husband a piggy back ride in Kdrama style.
    I'm a strong woman too : )
  5. Your bookmarklist of Korean dramas that you want to watch keeps growing, and growing and growing...
  6. You start asking your husband things like: 'If someone attached a bomb to my body, would you come and save me?' After which you get into a fight because he doesn't say: 'Of course honey! because without you my life wouldn't be worth living!' And the right answer was:
    Scene from Strong Woman Bong Soon
  7. You start eating your spaghetti with chopsticks while making slurping noises.
  8. You feel the urge to cook breakfast, after a lifetime of just eating a sandwich for breakfast.
  9. You tell yourself: 'I'll only watch 1 more episode! Really. I swear!' And then you watch 8 more because you want to see them kissing.
  10. You find yourself looking for Soju in the supermarket.
  11. You start finding holding hands quite erotic.

Summing up

Kdrama is very addictive. I started watching Kdrama because my youngest daughter wanted to watch Two Worlds with me. After about 6 episodes I was hooked and tumbled down the rabbit hole that is Korean drama.
What I love most about it, is the sweetness of Kdrama. And it's so romantic!
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