Rated UM: Unsuitable for Moms!

Why isn't there a symbol for movies that warns: 'Totally Unsuitable For Moms'?!

There I was, innocently tuning into a series called Love my Way, a big bowl of potato chips on my lap. But just as I crammed the first fistful of chips into my mouth, the eight year old girl of one of the main characters died. Right there on the screen. I totally choked up, the potato chips catching in my throat.

I tried to tell myself: 'It's not real! The actress playing the eight year old girl probably wanted a raise, thereby earning herself an early death!'
But it was no use, and soon I sat there choking back not only my salty chips, but also salty tears.

So I turned off the tv, and went to look for my kids. And when I found them I gave them a big, smelly potatoe chips hug. Because that's love my way!

Rated UfM: Unsuitable for Moms

These kinds of scenes really should come with a warning! I feel it is my civic duty as a mom to start my very own list of movies that are UfM: Unsuitable for Moms!

And the first movie that I'ld like to nominate is…. drum rolls and stuf:

Sophie's Choice!

Which movies do you rate UfM?!

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  1. My Sister's Keeper should indeed be on the list as should The Lovely Bones! Anything with dying kids should definitely be rated UfM!

    @a Mommy's Lifestyle: do not watch Sophie's Choice, I repeat: do NOT watch Sophie's Choice. It'll break your heart.

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