Which daffodil would you be?

During my daily run I encountered a group of daffodils.

They looked like they were busy doing some networking. But I don't  think things were going well considering their body language....

Body language

Four daffodils had turned their back of the other three, effectively excluding the daffodil next to them. It looked quite sad...

On the edge of the group were two other daffodils.

I don't know what they were thinking....

Which daffodil would I be?

As someone who does nót do very well in groups I can identify with the daffodil on the right. It seems to be sympathetic to the spurned daffodil.

It'll start up a conversation, and try to make it feel better.

I think the daffodil in the front will probably try to get into the bitchy group!

Which daffodil would you be?

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