Hubby's parenting skills

Not to tell on my husband, but I think his parenting skills leave something to be desired. Take for example his approach to making the kids breakfast.

'What do you want for breakfast? A peanutbutter sandwich? No? Cereal? No? Bacon and eggs? No? Rice Crispies? No? You have to decide now! You want a peanutbutter sandwich? No? Cereal? No? I'm warning you: Daddy is getting impatient! If you don't make a choice, daddy is going to make one fór you! Do you want a peanutbutter sandwich? No? Cereal? No? Daddy is getting fed up! If you can't choose daddy is going to eat his breakfast! Dáddy is going to have a peanutbutter sandwich! Do you want a peanutbut sanwich?! No? Some cereal then? No? Etc. ad nauseum.

Or his bedtime approach...

Riiight, it's time for bed! Are you going to have a nice sleep?! No? Are you not going to sleep? But Pete, you have to go to sleep. Otherwise daddy will get angry. Are you going to sleep? No? Does Pete wanna sleep on the couch? Yes? Then Pete has to be real quiet. You're nót going to be real quiet? Then daddy is going to put you into bed! Does Pete wanna go to bed? No? Daddy will take you downstairs, but Pete has to be quiet then.'

And I keep telling him: 'Honey, would you please not give them so many choices? No? I'm getting impatient!'

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  1. Okay...I have to admit...this sounds like ME at times! I take it you wear the pants, then? My husband doesn't really give the kids too many choices. But when it's time to decide where we want to eat for dinner or something? Mr. 20 Questions. He'll ask "do you want to go to X or Y?", I'll make up my mind and say "Y"...then he'll ask "Or we could go to Z? Or even F? Oh, or there's M as well..." Drives me INSANE!

  2. It's not so much that I wear the pants, I'm a skirts kind of girl, but I'm at home with the kids more. Experience has taught me not to offer the kids choices I don't agree with!

    Your hubby makes me smile.

  3. Oh funny. He doesn't see that he's making his life more difficult does he? I hope to see something entered in our Club-Content exercise from you this weekend Nicole!

  4. I can so relate to this!!! And my poor husband, the kids totally know that he is an easier sell. Heaven help them all when I'm at BlogHer this weekend!!! Lol!

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