Christmas gifts for the kids that match their personality

christmas presents

This year I'm going to do everything different! No more last minute rushing around to get the Christmas gifts for the kids!

This year, I'll start rushing around in november!

My criteria for Christmas presents

When I pick Christmas gifts for my kids I have certain criteria.

  • I like them to be educational
  • I like them to be cheap
  • I like them to be made from wood
  • I like them to be sensible and useful, like pyjamas and warm socks
  • I like them to stimulate my kids' development like books
  • Unfortunately my kids' criteria are totally different.

My kids' criteria for Christmas presents

  • It has to be noisy
  • It has to be colourful
  • It has to have a screen
  • If it doesn't have a screen, it should be something you can úse with a screen like dvd's, WII games and Nintendo games
  • Price should be no object

Can you see why their might be some tension between me and my kids?

Determine the personality, then pick the present

So I was surfing the internet looking for gifts that would match both mine and my kids' criteria, when I stumbled on Cotswold Outdoor. They've got this handy gadget,  that helps you shop for a certain personality. It's called Presents with Personality. There are 9 nine types of personalities to pick and choose from, and I clicked on Gadget Geek. Because let's face it, that's what my kids are…

I had fun determining which personality type I am, and I turn out to be A Free Spirit! I like that.

The 9 Personality types are

  1. A Winter wanderer
  2. A Gadget freak
  3. A Keen Traveller
  4. A Free Spirit
  5. An intrepid Hiker
  6. A Big Kid
  7. A Mountaineer
  8. A Wild Camper
  9. A Snow seeker

Unfortunately my husband's personality wasn't in there.

They forgot the Couch Potato.

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  1. They're missing's called trying to look like you know what you're doing outdoors when really you are clueless. It's actually an expensive one to shop for! 😉
    My kids are definitely gadget freaks.

  2. I think I'm a bit of two of them Free Spirit and Big Kid. Yep my idea of a perfect gift is SOOOOOOOOOOOooo different from my kids---but my kids are WELL aware that a few of my sensible and useful gifts WILL be given and accepted with joy!

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