My morning coffee moment

my morning coffee moment

My morning coffee means a lot to me. 

It's a moment of peace. 
Of being quiet. 
Of just being present. 
My morning coffee 
I start my day with a 45 minute run. Then I do a 10 minutes meditation while hula hooping. After that I work on my blogs. 
My morning coffee break starts at 10 AM.
Every 10 minutes I pour myself another cup of coffee.

And I just sit there while listening to classical music. 

And thinking and pondering.... 

This is my morning coffee moment

Do you have a daily moment where you just kind of stop and think and feel?

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  1. I have a morning coffee moment as well though mine doesn't involve hula hoops or running. I do walk some mornings. I do meditate and pray. I write morning pages in my journal. My table is very similar to yours. My son-in-law and grandson made it for me as a Christmas present last year! I started morning time for myself when my children were teenagers and I needed a time during the day devoted to quiet and reflection. I have continued to do it because I enjoy it so much and it gives me time to gather my thoughts for the day.

  2. I love my morning coffee too, although my morning cuppa and routine is a little different, and I sometimes wish I could just sit and ponder for longer. The sight and sound of your coffee moment is beautiful - thank you for sharing it! Visiting from Sweet Tea & Friends today.

  3. Oh how I love my morning quit time. It's so peaceful to sit in my recliner, read God's Word then push back and reflect on what I've read, listen to the silence outside with the occasional music of the birds.
    I appreciate you sharing this with Sweet Tea & Friends this month sweet friend.

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