Keep your germs away from me!

I hate catching a cold. But sometimes the germs and viruses sneak into our home like a Trojan horse. In the form of my husband for example!

Keep your distance!

When my husband came home from work last Friday, coughing and sniffling pathetically, I told him to keep his distance! I even did that gesture. You know the one, where you cross your two index fingers?!

But unfortunately he lives in the same house, and sleeps in the same bed. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before he managed to spread his germs.

Everything hurts....

Now I'm sitting here feeling like I got hit by a bus. My head hurts, my ears hurt and my nose is stuffed.

It's a good thing I promised to stay with him 'in sickness and in health.'

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  1. My son gave me my last cold. It was actually kind of sweet because I knew he was miserable and wanted to cuddle him to make him feel better and he tried to push me away so he wouldn't get sick.

    Feel better soon! Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

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