Now that Winter is fast approaching I know that soon there will come a time when I will need to protect my head against the cold. There's only one problem: I want to look good! And it's hard to find a winter hat that is both elegant and feminine, ánd will keep me warm.

Kamikaze and Bomber hats. Really?

I was looking around on Craigdon Mountain Sports, checking out their winter head gear, and the first thing I saw was a knitted hat called 'Barts Kamikaze'! I looked 'kamikaze' up and just as I thought, kamikaze refers to suicide attacks by military aviators! Call me crazy, but I don't want to wear a hat that says: watch out, or I'll take both you and mé out!

As I scrolled down, my eye fell on a Barts Fur Bomber. Again: what's with the name?! This hat looks like it will be really warm, but I'm worried people will think I'm wearing a dead rabbit on my head.

In the end I decided to give up on feminine and elegant, and just go with odd. So I picked the Ice Mountain Scary Bear Hat. (You can see it in the picture on the left).

This hat has ears, you know. So I can hear you better, before I eat you. I am the Mad Hatter.

What's your choice of headwear?

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  1. I hate HATS! I hate winter which is why I moved to Florida a few months ago before the bitter cold hit.

    I never wore hats when I was back in NY. They just weren't my thing.

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