Rainproof your kids!

There's this Swedish/Norvegian/Danish saying:

'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!'

Having kids means you get pushed around

And I agree with them. Having kids means you get pushed around a lot: by their demands and there development: just when you think you've figured them out, they go ahead and grow up on you! Then comes the school system, which pushes you around with sudden days off, messing up your plans.

So when it comes to the weather, I say: 'No more! I won't be pushed around. Neither rain nor shine is going to mess up my schedule!'

Invest in great rainwear!

So off I went to Muddy Puddles to invest in some great rainwear for the kids. They've even got a jacket that's 'rough 'n tumbleproof'. And I especially like their Sou'westers and rain boots.

Thanks to Muddy Puddles my kids are rainproof, and can safely play outside in the pouring rain, without getting wet! And the best thing about Muddy Puddles is: I didn't even have to put my rain coat on to buy this stuff, because they're online.

Since I send my kids outside when it rains and snows, I feel I should do the same thing myself. So I've rainproofed myself too!

How does the weather influence you?

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  1. Here in southern CA we rarely get rain or even cold weather. I love it here, but sometimes I wish we'd get more "weather" so I can dress my kids up in all that cute rain gear!

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