Couple's shopping and parenting

couple's shopping

I was walking through the aisles of our local Walmart, looking for things I didn't know I needed, when I crossed paths with a German family.

You can look, but please don't touch!

The mom was totally engrossed in all the merchandise, leaving the dad to do the parenting. As they walked by lots of drinkware the father warned the child: 'Don't touch! You can only look, or it will break!'

The child of course, tried to touch a fragile looking wine glass anyway, and gave his dad a look that said: 'Well? Whatcha gonna do about it?!'
'Whát did daddy say?!' the dad shouted. 'You can only look!'
His wife just put a wooden owl into their cart, when he turned to her and hissed: 'I wanna leave! Now!'

Is he talking to his wife or his child...

I lost sight of them then. But as I made my way to the checkout I could still hear the dad shout:

'You can only have a look!'

But I'm not sure whether he was talking to his child or to his wife...

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  1. I always get caught up in people watching when I go shopping. Sometimes you just can't help but wonder what people are talking about. Thanks for joining the Family Joy link party! 🙂

  2. Hiliarious! I cringe when I hear conversations like this in a store, whether it be either spouse/child. Personally, I don't take my husband shopping, except at Lowes, and even then, we go in, get what we need, and leave. He takes the fun out of it. It is something we both agreed on years go, don't take "me" shopping. I'm A-OK with that. Cute post.

  3. I am such a huge people watcher too, but lately I haven't been able to do it as often because I usually shop with my son and have to remind him as well to "look but don't touch".

    Thanks for sharing this on the Friday Funday blog hop!

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