Marital cruelty

'If you participated in Style by Jury*, they would change a lot about you,' my husband suddenly declared, while spreading his sandwich with a thick layer of peanut butter.
'How's that?'
'Well, look at yourself!'

Style by husband

'Perhaps my hair,' I agreed.
He nodded enthusiastically. 'And different clothes!'
But now his sudden interest in my looks started to irk me. 'Are you trying to tell me something, chubby man in Birkenstocks?'

Retreat! Retreat!

Too late he realized his mistake, and started to retreat.
'I think I'll go to the bathroom,' he smiled a bit nervously.

'Yeah, you do that!' I shouted to his retreating back.

'But I find you guilty of marital cruelty in the first degree!'

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*Style by jury is a Canadian make-over show.

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  1. Funny little snippet! It's a sign of being totally comfortable in a marriage though, when you feel free enough to speak without thinking!! 🙂

    Just stopped by from a blog hop. I’m following you now and hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime too! Have a lovely week.
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Very nice.
    WE have to have similar conversations when my husband mentions my all day long bed head! He shaves his all off, and it is not because he is bald. He HAS hair.

    Nice meeting you from the hops.

  3. "'But I find you guilty to marital cruelty in the first degree!" hahaha I love that! I think I may use it on my hubby if needed 🙂

    New follower as OneLittleMom from To The Top Tuesday hop.

  4. Now that's funny! I walked out of my closet the other day in my fave gray yoga pants and a white tee the other day, and my husband said, "I see you are wearing your uniform today!" You don't even want to know what I said back! Visiting and now following via Totally Tuesday Blog Hop...hop on over to my blog and follow back if you like it!

  5. LOL! Oh yes, I can see the panic in my husband's eye when he knows he might have mis-stepped. "Chubby man in Birkenstocks"! LOL.

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