Cheap curtain!

Goedkoop gordijnIt's been 10 months now since we moved to the country, but I still have no curtains.

And that's because I don't want to loose any light or the gorgeous views, and because I'm cheap.

Sunshine on my computer, doesn't make me happy

In the cubby hole that is my office, I haven't got a curtain either, and this is becoming a problem. Because whenever the sun is joyfully shining, I can hardly see a thing on my computer screen. Usually I put this big carboard poster of Jesus against the window, but even Jesus can't totally block the sun.

So there I was, wringing my hands, wondering what to do without spending a lot of money.

Cheap curtain

Then suddenly in a flash of brilliance it hit me: I would tie a piece of rope across the windowsill, and throw a piece of fabric over it. You can see the result in the picture!

It just goes to show: if you're neither handy nor rich, you gotta be inventive.

Do you have any ideas for cheap alternatives to curtains?

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  1. […] our move to the country. And I stíll haven’t got any curtains up! I’ve only got a piece of fabric on a string in my office. Every night we sit in our living room, feeling exposed like goldfish in their bowl. […]

  2. We have one room in the house that I just can't get right (curtain-wise), the dining room. I have gone through two sets of curtains (took them back to the store because I didn't like them up), and still have nothing but blinds up there.

    I'd maybe like to try those cute window boxes...but if I hate them I can't take them back to the store, lol.

    Love your economical fix. 🙂

  3. almost all the curtains in my house are white, I hate to block out any light ever. But, I have used curtains as a shower curtain before and that turned out pretty cute.

  4. Clever you! My desk is under my skylight. I put an umbrella there when the sun comes through. I have to angle it just right, or the sun sneaks around. Sometimes, the umbrella falls over. That can be rather traumatic! 😉

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